A short trip to Montreal, Quebec

July 22, 2017

On Saturday July 22nd I took a short trip to Montreal, Quebec to meet with a client to go over some ideas for a photoshoot, I got to Montreal at around pm to arrive on the train to downtown to meet with my client. Rather than go right back home I decided to go out on to the streets and spend the rest of my day shooting the new Ferris wheel added to the city's skyline this summer at the old port. After shooting the vibrant colors at the port I made my way over to Chinatown to shoot some street photography and explore Montreal in a few key locations which are listed below. Enjoy the set from my short trip 

Locations: Montreal, Quebec

- Chinatown

-Old Port of Montreal

- Ottawa gay village, St. Catherines street

A trip to London, Ontario

On Saturday, July 15th me and my Friend Lloyd got an invite to attend an Instameet in London, Ontario The meet was hosted by some local photographers that call the city home. Being from Toronto we saw this as a great opportunity to go and network and get a taste of what the London photography scene was like. To say the least, the hosts did not disappoint and we met lots of new Models and photographers and got to explore the local downtown area after shooting in the studio where the event was hosted. 

Below you will see the photos from that day... Enjoy 


Street Portraits - Josh Mankz

Josh hails from Toronto, ON, a bustling city with pockets of love; in episode twenty nine, Josh opens up to talk about how he first picked up a camera, why connecting with people before the photograph is important, and how you can go out and get amazing street portraits right away. This podcast with Josh is filled with tips, tricks and secrets about connecting with people, being honest with your intentions as a photographer, and identifying what makes you passionate for this medium.

In This Episode You'll learn:

  • What Josh shoots 
  • The struggles Josh faced with being creative
  • When Josh knew he wanted to be a photographer
  • How often Josh shoots his street portraits
  • How Josh approaches people on the street to take their photos 
  • How Josh uses psychology to get people to open up
  • What Joshes favorite lens is for is street portraits
  • How Josh challenges himself to get better portraits
  • What Josh would tell anyone starting out in street photography